Excellent series for advanced English learners

Now the weather has turned colder and the beginning of the winter semester is looming, the time is right to make sure that your English has not all but disappeared. Possible in the comfort and warmth of your own home, in front of the telly/computer. Below you will find four excellent series for advanced English learners that can help you maintain your language level.


No, not the Whitney Houston/Kevin Costner film, don’t worry. If you’re into something much more gritty and realistic, with a complex storyline involving high-level politics, terror threats and major conspiracies, this one is for you. But be warned, you’ll have to pay attention to detail and listen carefully to some of the characters with broad accents (so put the phone away!) You can watch it on Netflix.

A Very English Scandal

This miniseries is perfect for those of you who are fans of posh accents and stories based on real life. If you have never heard of Jeremy Thrope, you will probably find this story hard to believe, but even though the subject matter is rather shocking, the series is thoroughly entertaining. Available on HBO Go.

Killing Eve

This hit series follows operatives of the British secret service on a hunt for a very creative and fashion savvy assassin (with some seriously impressive language skills). It is truly hard to choose a favourite character, or a favourite funniest scene, in this dynamic and violent spy story. See it on HBO Go.


This is probably the series which introduced a lot of viewers to the term ‘sadcom’. I really cannot tell you whether the show is more hilarious, ingenious, unexpected, or daringly introspective, because it is all of the above. It boasts a cult-like following, dozens of awards, and is has made the creator, writer and actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge a star. Available on BBC/Prime Video.

Series for less advanced English Learners

If you are looking for series for less advanced learners, you will find my suggestions here.